Plongez dans la profondeur des saveurs forestières avec le mélange forestier des As du Fumoir, parfait pour sublimer viandes et salades avec une touche élégante.
Élevez vos plats au niveau supérieur avec le mélange forestier des As du Fumoir, une fusion de champignon, poivre fumé et herbes aromatiques pour une cuisine raffinée.
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Smoked Forestry Mix


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Culinary elegance for all your creations

Discover the As du Fumoir Smoked Forestry Mix, a condiment that will bring a touch of elegance to all your culinary creations. Initially designed to enhance wild meats, this Smoked Forestry Mix goes wonderfully with red meats, poultry and even salads, offering an unrivaled taste experience for the whole family.

A symphony of smoky and woody flavors

This Smoked Forestry Mix is a clever blend of mushrooms, smoked pepper, smoked salt, garlic and onion powder, thyme and rosemary, which adds a smoky and woody touch to your dishes. Each ingredient is meticulously selected to guarantee a perfect harmony of flavors, transporting your taste buds to the heart of the forest with every bite.

An authentic and pure flavor, without compromise

At Les As du Fumoir, they are committed to offering you products of the highest quality. The Smoked Forestry Mix is smoked naturally, without any compromise on the quality of the ingredients. With no added preservatives or anti-caking agents, you can enjoy authentic, pure flavor straight from their smokehouses.

Enhance your dishes with a forest touch before or after cooking

Use this forest mixture by generously sprinkling your meats and vegetables before or after cooking, or add it directly to finish your soups, salads, risottos or mashed potatoes. Its subtle and delicate taste will not be altered by heat if added after cooking, guaranteeing an exceptional taste experience in every bite.

  • ingredients: mushrooms, smoked pepper, smoked salt, garlic and onion powder, thyme and rosemary
  • naturally smoked product
  • without added preservatives or anti-caking agents
  • local manufacturing
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Characteristics of Les As du Fumoir seasoning products

The smoked taste

by Les Aces du Fumoir

The smoked taste

by Les Aces du Fumoir
The Aces of the Smokehouse

Les As du Fumoir, founded in 2017 in Bury near Sherbrooke, embody the heritage of ancestral smoking know-how. Frédérick Martel Leech and Josianne Viau, the founders, transformed their fridge into a laboratory to create unique mixtures, highlighting quality and ethics in their selection of ingredients and their collaboration with suppliers who share their environmental values.

The Aces of the Smokehouse
Cooking and smoking

Using only Quebec smoking wood, they preserve the authenticity of the flavors and wish to make the smoked taste accessible to all, merging tradition and culinary creativity. Les Aces du Fumoir, guardians of a centuries-old tradition, aim to conquer palates around the world with their tasty creations, offering a culinary experience where smoking meets modernity. With their passion for the tradition of smoking and their commitment to product quality, they embody a true artisanal heritage.