TemaHome loves nothing more than exploring new concepts and new ways of doing things. It is often by connecting diverse experiences that the company creates innovations that are special and unique. Exporting to over 40 countries allows TemaHome to discover and be inspired by many different cultures. The cosmopolitan teams reflect this diversity and the input spurs creativity.

    The story

    Created in France in the 1960s, the original company was born in France, in the Alps. It focuses on the sale by kit furniture.

    20 years later, the subsidiary in Portugal is born and established in the main networks of distributors in Europe. In 2000, the Portuguese company is renamed Tema, and then TemaHome. The brand is now associated with clean lines and contemporary design. The French and Portuguese teams show their creativities and inspirations to create TemaHome's own collections.


    TemaHome gives you all the information you need to feel confident in choosing any of their furniture.

    That's why TemaHome lets you know for each piece of furniture, where it was made, what the designers' intentions were, the functionality and the quality of the raw materials used.