Who are we?

Our engagement

Our engagement is to listen, understand and satisfy our clients' needs.

To respect the client during the whole buying process by offering an informative, friendly, pleasant and respectful service before, during and after the sale.

We propose an excellent price to quality ratio, as much for our products as for our services, all while keeping a policy of fair prices.

And much more:

"We offer this to those who have settled down, to the cool urban families, to those who are relaxed and laid back (but not too much), to those who are stressed, anxious, nervous, and busy, to those disillusioned, to rebels, to those Quebec, born and bred, to immigrants who came a long time ago and to those who have just arrived, to those who are thinking of staying here for life and to those who will move out in just a few months, to those who live in the city centre, in the north, south, east and west, to those who love life, are creative, who, even during the winter, their hearts are full of warmth, and consider that the interior of their residence, bars, offices and their everyday objects, are an extension of their personality, to those who, through their furniture and everyday objects, look to create a pleasant landmark where one can find comfort and refuge from the city’s commotion."

Michel, from Nüspace


Our mandate

Nüspace is the unavoidable place of contemporary design at Montreal where you’ll find a whole range of high-quality furniture that is attractive, comfortable and affordable. Nüspace has as its vocation to democratize design and to select with the most utmost care a whole series of reproductions of huge 20th century design icons. As such, you’ll find creations inspired by some of the most well-known designers, such as Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Le Corbusier, Tom Dixon, Georges Nelson and many more.

Nüspace also presents fun and affordable collections in exclusivity. We’ve also kept a place dedicated to the European brand of seats, Fatboy... You know, this brand inspired from a legendary product from 40 years ago, the famous bean bag! Fatboy knew how to bring the concept back by updating it thanks to more current and successful technologies. That’s how Fatboy Original became a point of reference. Fatboy proposes contemporary products thanks to their colours and material; these "pouffes" are manufactured in Holland, they are strong, washable and resistant to small monsters and big kids! On them, you’re free to sit, lie down, relax... From the living room to the bedroom, this big cushion finds a useful place just about anywhere because it’s both multifunctional and very handy... Fatboy is like the chameleon of your interior! Find all your favourite Fatboy products in the Fatboy lounge where you’ll be able to try them out!

The Nüspace team adds special care to its services and is at your disposal to advise you and give you all the information you need to choose with confidence and peace of mind.