Secto Lighting

All in softness and style, the reproductions of the Secto collection evoke a purely Scandinavian and airy design

Decorating with light can be tricky, but fun. You need to consider both the direction and intensity of the light, as each light source will affect the mood of the room. When choosing a pendant lamp, the first question you need to answer is what it will be used for: to be the main light in the room or to decorate?


In Umage, the company combines aesthetics, simplicity and functionality, and adds thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental awareness. The result is exquisite design with a lasting benefit.

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Pablo Designs

At Pablo Designs, they believe that the right light can transform any environment. They are committed to creating sustainable solutions that provide a lifetime of illumination, at the forefront of contemporary lighting.

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Light fixtures are an integral part of a space. Diffuse soft, diffused light to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Mix and match styles, materials and colors as you see fit. Add light fixtures to any room and the mood will be instantly transformed.

Dare to use lights

Whether it's a lack of light in a bedroom, an office or a dining room, we have the right light for you! To create a relaxing atmosphere, what are you waiting for to add a table lamp on a side table near your sofa?

On the lookout for trends

Are you looking for the latest trends? Nüspace aussi ! Tous nos luminaires font d'un espace, d'une pièce votre chez vous, des luminaires qui nous donnent le sourire quand nous passons devant. And what if you added a decorative accessory to your lighting to make your home even more cozy.