Sofas and sectional

    Sofas have crossed the centuries and styles. The first sofas appeared during the Roman Empire. At that time, it was simply a bench with a mattress on top. Only the upper classes were allowed to sit and lie down. It was much later, in the Middle Ages, that this Roman quilted bench became a sofa as we understand it today. A seat, a back, armrests and all upholstered.

    Over the centuries, it became a central element in the large rooms of castles and bourgeois homes. Styles and materials evolved. Sofas are now adapted to everyone, with lengths and depths measured to meet the needs of contemporary interiors. Sofas, sectionals, even sofas to create yourself with the modulars, the choice is yours.


    Sofa 2 or 3 seater? Fabric or leather? Our large selection of sofa will not disappoint. We particularly like Mid-Century Modern design and if you've gotten here, so have you. Let your curiosity browse through the pages, styles and eras. You'll enjoy.

    Sectional and modular

    When you have the space at home, why not treat yourself? Sectionals are ideal for answering that question. Big seats, enough room to stretch out, fun to share with the whole family and lots of friends. That's what a sectional is all about.

    Beds and daybeds

    All wood or covered with fabric, the beds we offer will seduce you. Queen or King, retro or modern look, real bed or daybed, how to decide? And it's not like we have any great sofa beds in our catalog.