Table accessories

    To make you proud of your meals with friends or family, you need the following two elements to be perfectly orchestrated. The first is the kitchen. This is where everything is prepared. For well-prepared meals, you need to be well organized. This is where Nüspace comes in. With our selection of utensils and items specifically designed to make your chef mission easier, you'll find that cooking becomes a breeze... Or almost.

    The second element is the table. Your guests will be sitting around it for a few hours and a good dinner or supper must be beautifully presented. For this, the ingredients are beautiful dishes and decoration. You can find some accessories for the table in our catalgoue.

    Finally, we know that at work, some of you do not have much time to eat or drink. So it's crucial for you to have products that preserve your food and keep your drinks at the temperature you want. Take a look at our selection.

    In the kitchen

    In the kitchen, when we prepare good dishes or cakes, it can get cluttered very quickly. With these items, you'll save space and time by cooking with thoughtful utensils.

    Drinks & Cie

    Going for a walk or to work? We have a whole range of bottles and thermoses to accompany you. Tea or coffee lover? We also have what you need. Do you like fresh cocktails? A selection of ice cube trays await you.

    Tables & Cie

    Find here items that will accompany you during your meals like bowls or salt and pepper mills. But also, that will dress up your tables like table runners or placemats. All these items have a certain fun aspect. Do you agree?


    Do you eat at the office a lot and would rather eat what you've made than go out and buy a sandwich? We understand you, it's a budget. Here for you is a selection of well-made items to preserve your food during transportation.