Vintage Toys and Games

    Nüspace is known for offering various furniture items but is less known for its accessories catalog and especially for games and toys. Despite this, many of you enjoy our toy catalog. There must be something for all ages.

    That's why for years we have been trying to find good quality games and toys that can please both children and parents. Toy cars, board games to share moments, trotting vehicles or even brainteasers. There is something to spend excellent days or evenings.


    Family games

    Want to play a few games of chess or backgammon against your uncle? Or do you rather feel like organizing a casino night and playing roulette and poker with your friends? Browse our selection and especially have a good time with your loved ones.

    Vehicles for children

    Would your child like to emulate you and get behind the wheel of the car? He is not yet old enough to have a driver's license, but on the other hand he will be able to drive his own car thanks to our selection of cars specially designed for boys and girls in search of thrills!

    Car toys

    For young and old alike, Nüspace offers you a multitude of small cars to play with or collect. Wooden models as well as others made of plastic, it's up to you to choose behind the wheel of which car you want to drive. Rather race car or off-road?



    Find here the various games of our selection. Among them, puzzles with different levels of difficulty, spinning tops or even figurines. You may find the perfect gift for a party or to put under the Christmas tree.