Baghera Speedster, véhicules à pédales et à traction pour enfant, en plastique et métal, argent
    Laissez votre enfant s'envoler vers l'imaginaire avec le porteur avion Speedster de Baghera. Direction fonctionnelle, stabilité, design inspiré des années 50. Sécurité garantie : 1-3 ans, 20 kg.
    Baghera Ride-On, tricyle pour enfant, en plastique et métal, rouge et blanc

    A family-owned company, Baghera is located near Paris, France. Every year, a team of talented and enthusiastic designers draws new pedal cars, carriers, small metal cars and wooden toys for the delight of little ones.

    The creation

    Emmanuel Nouveau started from a childhood dream: to be a car driver... He saw himself traveling the world at the wheel of cars with mythical names.

    Strengthened by this dream, he made it come true, not as a pilot but by drawing for children the cars that have marked him so much and thus gave birth to Baghera in 1999.

    Retro look, vintage style accessories everything is done so that your child eager for adventure will let himself be transported at the wheel of his car.

    Quality toys

    From conception to design to the materials used, the Baghera team takes great care to ensure every step of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing the quality of the toys and the safety of children. Durable, the cars are designed to last and pass from generation to generation.

    All cars are created according to European compliance standards and have undergone extensive testing by approved external laboratories.