TOOU is a furniture company that combines contemporary taste with the tradition of the great design schools of the 20th century. Projects where technology is deployed at the service of the end user, through optimized processes that produce objects that are comfortable, safe, beautiful, and as aesthetic as they are practical.

    The design

    During the process of creating a new chair or stool, TOOU's goal is sustainability in design and aesthetics. So there is no room for the superfluous. Their creations are not born simply for ephemeral trends, but rather with a view to universality and versatility.

    The requirement

    TOOU makes it a point to create objects through production that puts people at the heart of things. But also the environment. They are committed to creating products made from a mix of recycled plastics and natural waste. These products represent TOOU's first important step towards more respectful manufacturing processes, using eco-friendly materials and technologies.