Gus* Modern

    Gus* Modern is a furniture design and manufacturing company based in Toronto, Canada. The Gus* Modern collection includes sofas, chairs, stools, beds, lighting and also accessories. A complete and quality range to equip the whole home and office.


    For the environment...

    The company uses different materials to design its 20th century-inspired furniture.

    It turns to a true ecological will. The sofas and all cushions are made from a clean, ultra-soft, long-fiber material that offers the comfort and feel of traditional down. This synthetic material is created through a process that benefits the environment by diverting plastic bottles from landfills, waterways and oceans.

    ...and quality design

    The wooden structures of the sofas are made with 100% FSC® certified kiln-dried hardwood, in support of responsible forest management.

    In addition to creating quality fabrics and velvets that are so pleasing to the touch, Gus* Modern uses a wide color palette to create unique fabrics and velvets. And also leathers, from different origins, such as vegan leather, made from apple skin.