The Line a été fondée en 2015 à Marseille, en France. Ils sont aujourd'hui basés à Paris et ont plus de 500 revendeurs partout en France et dans le monde entier. Leur slogan : "Nous créons des souvenirs en un trait."

    The Line

    The Line was founded in 2015 in Marseille, France.
    Today they are based in Paris and have over 500 dealers all over France and the world.
    Their slogan: "We create memories in a line."

    The story

    It begins in Marseille, with a photo taken aboard a sailboat. The sun was rising, and the backlit shot revealed a raw panorama. The whole city was recognizable. Antoine, the founder of The Line who was a cabinetmaker then had the idea to reproduce this relief in a laser-cut metal line instead of framing the photo and hanging it on the wall. The Line brand was born.

    A souvenir

    The idea is so beautiful that they developed several collections. City, representing the skyline of several French cities and around the world. Music, paying tribute to the greatest songs. And Summit, which traces the mountainous relief. These lines are perfect to hang on the walls, memories that have marked you for life, but also those of your loved ones, simply by offering them this line.