Pablo Designs

    At Pablo Design, they believe the right light can transform any environment. The company is committed to creating sustainable solutions that provide a lifetime of illumination.

    The genesis

    Pablo Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a "less is more" ideology, Pablo often challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions, reduced to their essence, form and light. A common thread connects all his creations, valuing permanence and durability, and rejecting the disposable spirit so prevalent today.

    With the creation of its first product in 1993, Pablo Designs established a powerful and generative design philosophy. Since then, its core principles have inspired the development of every lamp in the studio's nearly 30-year history.

    The mission

    His mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users and their environments. Pablo's designs have been propelled to the forefront of contemporary American lighting through an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility. By fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material palette, Pablo is able to create unique and timeless designs that have the power to transform any environment.

    These products continue to evolve with the culture while resisting design trends - and each carries the underlying uniqueness that is distinctly "Pablo."