Stools have a very specific function: to allow you to sit around several heights of arrangements. Sometimes it will be around a dinner table in your kitchen or dining room with friends for dinner. Sometimes it will be at your counter alone or with your family to share lunch or dinner. Some stools have an even higher seat to fit the bar, and you'll enjoy comfortable seating while sipping a cocktail.

    The stools we've selected for you are mostly inspired by designs from great names of the 20th and 21st century. Others come from brands we love and wanted you to discover.

    Dining stools

    A perfect height for your dining tables, these stools can also be an additional seat in your living room and even become a side table or footrest.

    Counter stools

    Without a doubt the most requested stools, counter stools are made to be built in, as the name suggests, to the countertop/worktop. They range in height from 24" to 26".

    Bar stools

    Originally designed for professionals, the bar stool differs from the counter stool in its height. Its seat will be between 28" and 30". It is therefore higher. Remember to measure before you buy.