Newgarden defines itself as a company that creates environments that inspire. She coined the term "emotional furniture" to describe her products, which are designed to stimulate emotions and create a pleasant Mediterranean ambiance.

    The beginning

    Newgarden is a Spanish company that began its journey by launching a line of polyethylene outdoor planters. The combination of innovative design, quality products and competitive prices has allowed Newgarden to position itself as one of the largest Spanish distributors in the industry. Over the years, Newgarden has grown to become established in more than 18 countries around the world. The company has expanded its catalog with a new range of outdoor furniture, betting on a technological line of the future. Newgarden products are designed and manufactured in Spain, which guarantees high quality standards and strict environmental standards. The products are recyclable, light and unbreakable, exceptionally resistant to extreme temperatures and adapt to any space.


    With a strong and committed team that works tirelessly to create customer-friendly products, Newgarden has established itself as one of the most innovative brands in the outdoor lighting and light furniture market. Today, Newgarden continues to look to the future with enthusiasm, setting new goals and working tirelessly to design innovative and sustainable products. The Newgarden product collection is specially designed for environmentally conscious customers who want to bring a touch of design and technology to their outdoor space. Light, music, color, design, freedom... Newgarden offers you another way to enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere.