Livres d'art illustrés par TaschenLivres d'art illustrés par Taschen

German publishing house founded in Cologne in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen. It made its reputation mainly by specializing in publishing highly illustrated books available in several languages.

The idea

Taschen was able to set itself apart by design. The founder wanted books that addressed different topics but could be printed in thousands of copies without being too expensive. Therefore, in their design, there are large illustrations and and small texts offered usually in three languages. This keeps costs down and allows them to be distributed all over the world.


Taschen specializes in themes around culture: sculpture, painting, photography, film, fashion. But at Nüspace you will also find books on architecture, furniture icons and the big names in this field. A Taschen book is bound to find its reader, and a reader is bound to find a Taschen book he or she likes.