Joseph Joseph, ustensiles de cuisineJoseph Joseph, ustensiles de cuisine

Antony and Richard Joseph are twin brothers and passionate designers. They have always had a need to create objects that are useful but work better than the ones that already exist. It all started with a simple glass cutting board in 2003.

Creating with a purpose

They created their company with values. One main one is especially emphasized. The creation of the products is thought with the lowest impact on the environment. Each product is made with the highest quality using the best materials to ensure a long life. They aim to reduce waste and pollution as a company by using recyclable materials where we can and offering replacement parts when possible.

For your pleasure

Inherently, Joseph Brothers wants to do you good by making your job easier. Their products are quality, durable and practical. They think about the problem that everyone may face in performing a task and want to simplify it with their products. Whether it's preparing a meal, organizing the kitchen, doing laundry or managing waste, your daily life will become a breeze.