At Fatboy, the team creates new objects for your home and garden by looking into the past to the future. They transform the classics, the emblems, adding a slight twist and a lot of ingenuity. That's what the Fatboy philosophy is all about.

An idea and it's a success

Fatboy's story started in 2002 with his famous beanbag that we don't present anymore. This last one allowed him to take the sea and leave his Dutch lands to sail in international waters. Today, its catalog has grown with different types of bean bags, lamps, furniture for outdoor and indoor. And as Fatboy says, everything is created to give you the joy of living and enjoying!

Products for life

Their products ask only one thing: to age with you. That's why they choose strong, durable materials that are water-resistant and won't fade. Preferably recycled, or with low environmental impact. This way, every Fatboy product is made appropriately.