kooduu, enceintes bluetooth et lampes designkooduu, enceintes bluetooth et lampes design



kooduu is a lifestyle brand that creates unique, Nordic-inspired products that bring people together. kooduu has Dutch and Danish roots and was founded in 2017 on the basis of friendliness, happiness, positive vibes, conviviality, innovation and putting a smile on people's faces.

Bluetooth speaker, designer LED light and beverage cooler. All these functions in one object. You were dreaming about it weren't you? Then let us introduce you to Synergy by kooduu.

With it, you can enjoy your favorite music, mood lighting and cool drinks wherever you want, whenever you want.

Lite-Up Play by kooduu

This wireless Bluetooth speaker and LED light is a multi-functional device that allows you to listen to high quality sound while emitting warm ambient light. Enough to turn any mood into your mood.

Ambiance guaranteed

Go for [re] creative design

By combining the limitless ingenuity of local talents as well as major international brands, Nüspace makes it easy for you to create various decorative moods with your own touch of originality. You can finally satisfy all your desires.

Adama Alma

This vinyl carpet collection is ideal for dressing up your floors, hiding unwanted sections and adding color to your rooms.



Add decorative items to your home. Bloomingville offers a range of vases and other useful and pretty accessories to combine the useful with the pleasant.



Highly inspired by African culture, Umasqu makes handmade wooden masks and figurines to hang on your walls or place on your furniture.



This outdoor and indoor chair is timeless and will remain so. With every glance at its design, it takes us on a journey to the sun.



Easy to use and above all very practical, Aykasa folding crates will accompany you in a playful and pleasant storage in the house.

Tidy up


This table lamp can follow you wherever you go. That's why it is nicknamed lantern. Elegant and very modern, you will surely make some jealous.

Light up
Annex et Eglinton, chaise et table à dîner par Gus* ModernAnnex et Eglinton, chaise et table à dîner par Gus* Modern

dare Gus* Modern

New collection

London Mole

Become a star

Born at the crossroads of fantasy and utility, London Mole was created by an executive who wanted to see the whole world "made up" by his colorful and original sunglasses


Foldable and lightweight, this shade tent by Fatboy will be your new best friend as you relax on sunny days.


Edison the petit

The Edison table lamp is a must-have from Fatboy. Possessing multiple lights, it is small and light to be by your side in any condition.

Fill up with light


Hanging on a beam, branch, wire or even a handle, this hanging lamp will make every moment an unforgettable memory.

Light up your evenings


Optimal comfort, vibrant colors, Easy to inflate and carry. Lamzac will follow you wherever you want to land and relax.

For your happiness

Nüspace is the place to be for contemporary design in Montreal where you will find a whole range of quality, attractive, comfortable and affordable furniture. Nüspace aims to democratize Design and selects with the utmost care a whole series of reproductions of the great Design icons of the 20th century.

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