At KINTO, the idea to create an object comes from the small gestures of everyday life. They value and are passionate about finding moments and places that bring joy and comfort. What will inspire the designers is mainly lifestyle and personal experience. With each creation, they want to bring an enjoyable experience to the people who will use the created object.

    The birth

    Founded in 1972, KINTO began as a tableware wholesaler in Shiga, Japan. They eventually began developing their own product line, with a passion for creating products that bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life. Since 2010, their products have been exported all over the world. From tableware to home accessories, they strive to provide products that inspire and fulfill expectations with every use.

    The experience

    The company takes a lot of time to research materials and textures. One of the special features of KINTO products is the integration of different materials such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel and wood. This is made possible by their collaborations with artisans in Japan, around the world, and the wealth of experience, knowledge and skills of each.