Table Lamps

    Add a touch of style to your home with our table lamps. You'll find a variety of designs, materials and finishes to find the perfect lamp to complement your home decor. The advantage of a table lamp is that it can accompany you in the living room or bedroom, by placing it on a side table or bedside table. It can also be placed on your desk and help you to see more clearly when you are immersed in your work.

    At Nüspace, we like to vary the pleasures. The table lamps we offer can therefore be very different in their design or use. Some have a very retro look, others are more modern. Some are made to be installed in an office and others in the bedroom because their light is less intense. Speaking of intensity, you should know that most lamps with LED technology have several intensities of light, allowing you to adapt it according to your activity. You can even find lamps that have a swivel head or an articulated body. This will allow you to direct the light where you want it.