Uncompromising devotion to quality is the hallmark of Blomus. This is reflected in their choice of materials and their manufacturing methods, but also in their relationships. At Blomus, quality is not limited to the final product, but extends to all aspects and at all levels of the company.

    A story

    Founded in 1961, Blomus is a German company that draws on the tradition of highly skilled craftsmanship and exceptional quality. At Blomus, they firmly believe in honesty of materials, purity of form and a passionate approach. This philosophy allows them to become a leading provider of durable and beloved home accessories for generations to come. This is how they stay relevant and are able to deliver on their promise of quality, simplicity and craftsmanship excellence, while evolving into a new era of Blomus.

    An identity

    Each new item carries the inimitable Blomus DNA, which ensures the continuity of the brand while reflecting the constant ambition to develop and stay curious by embracing the influences of the world around them. Stainless steel has played a fundamental role in the success since the company's inception. Although their product line has expanded to include a variety of materials such as sandstone, smoked cork, linen, concrete and wood, they still treasure the unique qualities of stainless steel. They continue to use it alone or in combination with other materials to create durable, practical and stylish pieces that embody Blomus craftsmanship excellence.