This section is dedicated to you. These are not accessories to decorate or to play with. These are items that will relate to your body, to your senses.

You will find something to wear with Eat My Socks. Your feet will thank you when they are warm in these soft socks. Your touch will be called upon. Then, put on your nose one of our beautiful London Mole sunglasses. Your eyesight will thank you. And after a hard day's work, burn some Hibi incense to relax and smell those intoxicating scents.


Socks have become a big part of Nüspace. We love the fun side of their packaging, it's a real hit. And given their success, you've totally fallen for them too. You don't know them? Hurry up, we only have a few pairs left.


Various items

Is it raining? Don't go out without a beautiful, colorful umbrella. A lightning storm? Look stylish with our pairs of sunglasses with a 60s look. Need a moment to relax? We offer a variety of incense. Here are some examples of items you can find here.