Storage furnitures

    Ella bookcase
    Ella bookcase

    Since human beings settled permanently in habitats as we imagine it, that is, with a roof, between four walls and with rooms delimited by their function, it was necessary for our ancestors to invent furniture to organize everything. The first storage furniture appeared during the Mesopotamian art, so it is not yesterday.

    At Nüspace we are particularly interested in modern but also retro. We have a preference for furniture affiliated with Mid-Century Modern design and Scandinavian design. This interest we wanted to introduce and share with you.


    If there is one piece of furniture that is essential to have in any room of the house, it is a bookcase. On the one hand, it is practical and useful because it allows easy storage. On the other, it is elegant because of its imposing structure and height.

    Sideboards and cabinets

    The sideboards allow us to store all the small items we may use on a daily basis such as dishes. They are hidden and gathered in one place to simply make our lives easier!

    TV stands

    Generally quite low and featuring convenient storage, the TV stand is the perfect place to hold your TV and any other entertainment-related appliances. One thing is for sure, it's designed for you to have a good time.


    The dressers have been thought to be installed in the rooms. They can obviously be put in other rooms, but their drawer system is perfect for storing all types of clothes and well separated by categories.