Tables and benches

    Sélection Nüspace Arizona, table à dîner, en bois, naturel
    Nüspace présente la table à dîner Arizona. Une belle table en bois naturel qui peut accueillir jusqu'à 6 personnes. Cette table donnera une touche rétro avec des finitions et des détails modernes à votre salle à manger.
    Arizona dining table
    Sélection Nüspace
    Sélection Nüspace Artisan, table à dîner pour 8 personnes, en bois
    Artisan : bois de teck récupéré de Java, la table marie style, histoire et durabilité. Assemblée avec un savoir-faire javanais, elle devient une pièce unique, majestueuse.
    Artisan dining table
    Sélection Nüspace
    Sélection Nüspace West, table à dîner avec extension et accueillant jusqu’à 8 personnes, en bois d’acacia
    Lignes épurées Mid-Century : Collection West, meubles en acacia massif. Table à dîner moderne, extension pour 8 convives, alliant esthétique et fonctionnalité.
    West dining table
    Sélection Nüspace
    Sélection Nüspace Gia, table à dîner avec extension et accueillant jusqu’à 8 personnes, en bois d'acacia
    Collection Gia : Élégance bois d'acacia, mariage rustique-minimaliste. Table moderne, rétro, finition bois flotté et acier brossé, sophistique la salle à manger.
    Gia dining table
    Sélection Nüspace
    Table à dîner Arcadia : bois de manguier traité, mariage moderne et charme rural. Accueille 8 convives, esthétique authentique et chaleureuse.
    Arcadia : table à dîner bois de manguier traité, mariage moderne et charme rustique. Capacité 8 personnes, esthétique authentique pour des moments chaleureux.
    Arcadia dining table
    Sélection Nüspace
    Gus* Modern Bracket noyer
    Gus* Modern Bracket
    Bracket dining table
    Gus* Modern

    The tables you can find at Nüspace are usually inspired by the Mid-Century Modern movement and are characterized by their minimalist, clean design reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. They usually have clean lines and simple shapes, with wooden or metal legs. The materials used are often hardwoods such as walnut or oak, which are finished to highlight their natural grain.

    The colors are usually neutral, such as white, black or light and dark wood, but there are also options with brighter colors to bring a splash of color to your space. You'll also find reproductions of design icons from around the world as well as other, more contemporary styles to satisfy your curiosity and give you design ideas.

    Dining tables

    It's always a pleasure to get together around a dining table. It's always a good time shared with several people. What if, this table had its own style and was thought to embellish your dining room? These moments would be even more wonderful. Be sure to choose the size of your table according to the number of guests.


    They are part of the reason we can be the most people around the dining table. With several on the same seat, the bench is really made for sharing. Originally made of wood, metal then appeared to vary the look, and more recently plastic to create shapes unknown to date and more extravagant.

    Side tables and bedside tables

    These tables are magic. Their ideal size allows us to install them anywhere in the house, whether it's in the living room alongside the sofa or in the bedroom near the bed with a lamp sitting on top. Some have a hidden function like serving as a footrest, extra seating and even storage space.

    Coffee tables

    As the centerpiece of our living room, coffee tables receive special treatment from not only users, but also designers. Over the decades, it is surely one of the pieces of furniture that has undergone the most transformation. With a single base or 4 legs, glass or wooden top, with or without storage, the choice is Cornelian.