Masques en bois par UmasquMasques en bois par Umasqu


    Umasqu is a young company that makes handmade wooden masks and figurines of superb quality. The creators' inspirations come from all over the world.

    The man behind the mask Tzachi Nevo

    He is the chief designer and owner of Umasqu and founded the company in 2015 in Tel Aviv. Tzachi channels his natural curiosity, his unique perspective on the world and his inspiration that comes from almost anywhere - a piece of music, a movie scene, shapes, certain art movements - to create three-dimensional images, modern masks with a traditional affinity and a lot of humor.

    Accessible and quality art

    Tzachi believes in accessible, high-quality art, a belief that is expressed in every aspect of the process of creating Umasqu's artworks: each piece is produced in a handcrafted manner, with innovative equipment and a great deal of attention, by a young Israeli team. All of Umasqu's works are produced in the studio through a work process that combines technology and meticulous craftsmanship.