The Aces of the Smokehouse

    The story of Les As du Fumoir is that of a deep passion for the tradition of smoking, mixed with an unwavering love for good products. Founded in 2017 in Bury, a small village near Sherbrooke, this company embodies the immutable and ancestral heritage of old-fashioned smoking know-how.

    Frédérick Martel Leech and Josianne Viau, the founders of Les As du Fumoir, have made their passion a palpable reality. They transformed their fridge into a flavor laboratory, where each ingredient was carefully tested and smoked to create unique and original blends.

    It is not only the result of their work that makes their products so special, but also their commitment to quality and ethics. Les As du Fumoir carefully selects their ingredients and collaborates with suppliers who share their environmental values. They are committed to using only Quebec smoking wood and to minimizing processing, thus preserving the authenticity and purity of flavors.

    But their mission goes beyond just creating smoked spice blends. Les Aces du Fumoir want to introduce as many people as possible to the delights of smoked taste. Their seasonings bring a touch of originality to each plate, making the pleasure of smoking accessible to everyone, even without having a smoker at home.

    In their quest to make smoked taste accessible to everyone, they don't just offer smoked seasonings. They also offer a complete culinary experience, where each bite is an invitation to explore new taste horizons, where the art of smoking meets the creativity of modern cuisine. Les As du Fumoir are much more than a simple company: they are the guardians of a centuries-old tradition, the artisans of smoked taste, ready to conquer palates around the world with their unique and tasty creations.