Explorez un univers de saveurs exquises avec le coffret de dégustation Virgin Mady des As du Fumoir, une invitation à découvrir la richesse de l&

Maple syrup - tasting set


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An invitation to a sensory journey

The Virgin Mady tasting set, offered by Les As du Fumoir, is much more than a simple set of maple syrups: it is a true invitation to a sensory journey through unique and exquisite flavors. Made up of four 50 ml bottles of the best syrups, this set offers a range of delights to discover and savor.

Four maple syrups with distinct flavors

Each bottle contains a treasure trove of distinct flavors: from maple syrup aged in whiskey barrels for 12 months, to maple syrup smoked with whiskey barrels, to maple syrup smoked and infused with hot pepper and coffee-infused maple syrup. Each of these syrups offers a unique taste experience, revealing all the richness and complexity of maple in its different nuances.

Discover the fascinating world of Virgin Mady with family and friends

This tasting set is much more than a simple set of syrups: it is a real culinary experience to share with family or friends. Whether to explore new flavors or to offer a unique and memorable gift, this set is the perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Virgin Mady, a renowned maple producer and processor in Bury.

Explore the exquisite flavors of maple in all its nuances

Treat yourself or your loved ones to an exceptional sensory experience with the Virgin Mady tasting set. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite flavors and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of maple in all its most delicious nuances.

  • maple syrup aged in whiskey barrel 12 months (50ml)
  • smoked maple syrup with whiskey barrels (50ml)
  • smoked maple syrup infused with hot pepper (50ml)
  • coffee infused maple syrup (50ml)
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Characteristics maple syrup Les As du Fumoir

The smoked taste

by Les Aces du Fumoir
The Aces of the Smokehouse

Les As du Fumoir, founded in 2017 in Bury near Sherbrooke, embody the heritage of ancestral smoking know-how. Frédérick Martel Leech and Josianne Viau, the founders, transformed their fridge into a laboratory to create unique mixtures, highlighting quality and ethics in their selection of ingredients and their collaboration with suppliers who share their environmental values.

The Aces of the Smokehouse
Cooking and smoking

Using only Quebec smoking wood, they preserve the authenticity of the flavors and wish to make the smoked taste accessible to all, merging tradition and culinary creativity. Les Aces du Fumoir, guardians of a centuries-old tradition, aim to conquer palates around the world with their tasty creations, offering a culinary experience where smoking meets modernity. With their passion for the tradition of smoking and their commitment to product quality, they embody a true artisanal heritage.