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Canadian Cities Poster - Vancouver


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Capturing the architectural essence of Canada

In the twists and turns of the lively streets of Montreal and Edmonton, artist Raymond Biesinger found the inspiration that gave birth to an exceptional series of illustrations. What began as a humble attempt to capture the architectural essence of Canada quickly evolved into a series of ten pieces, each evoking with remarkable obsession a Canadian city at a specific moment in its history.

Revealing the story and face of ten Canadian cities

At the heart of this series are modern maps, striking depictions that highlight the distinctive urban planning of each city. Among them, Montreal, the artist's adopted city, and Edmonton, his hometown, stand proudly. But there are also eight other Canadian cities that have been immortalized, each with its own story to tell, its own face to reveal.

Historical moment frozen with precision

In this collection, Vancouver takes the spotlight. Dated September 3, 1962, the illustration captures a historic moment when Prime Minister John Diefenbaker stands at Rogers Pass to preside over the groundbreaking ceremony for the Trans-Canada Highway. It is a moment frozen in time, captured with remarkable precision by the artist, a testimony to the importance of this moment for the city and for the entire country.

Richness and diversity of the Canadian urban landscape reflected in every detail

Each print in this remarkable series is much more than just an artistic representation. It’s an immersive dive into the history and character of each city represented. Every detail, every building, every landmark, is carefully selected to reflect the richness and diversity of the Canadian urban landscape.

Guarantee of authenticity and value

Each print is also a unique piece, signed and dated on the back by the artist himself. It is a guarantee of authenticity and value, making each copy a valuable investment for collectors and art lovers.

  • printed on 192 g/m² Epson Enhanced Matte paper
  • Epson UltraChrome XD2 ink
Description Imperial Metric
Length 24" 60.9cm
Width 24" 60.9cm
  • Do not hang on a damp wall.
  • Clean with a dry cloth.
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Characteristics of Raymond Biesinger's posters

Wall art

by Raymond Biesinger

Wall art

by Raymond Biesinger
Raymond Biesinger
Canada as a reference

With his unique digital collage approach, Raymond Biesinger crosses artistic boundaries to create pieces that spark the imagination. As a proud member of Illustration Québec, he is committed to supporting and bringing together the community of illustrators, sharing his passion and expertise. His undeniable impact in the world of illustration continues to manifest through his inspiring and captivating works.

Raymond Biesinger
More than an illustrator

He transcends the simple role of illustrator to become a versatile artist, an author and a major figure in the editorial and commercial fields. Its brand spans over 1000 projects across 5 continents since 2002, demonstrating a passion and ability to respond to all requests with impressive versatility. Based in Montreal, he embodies a passionate commitment to his art, drawing inspiration from interests as varied as his artistic palette.