Raymond Biesinger

    Raymond Biesinger is much more than a simple illustrator: he is a versatile artist, an author and a major player in the editorial and commercial fields, having left his mark on more than 1000 projects across 5 continents since 2002. Based in Montreal , he embodies passionate commitment to his art, demonstrating impressive versatility and an ability to respond to any request, whether complex or simple.

    Biesinger's varied interests are as diverse as his artistic palette. From minimalism to maximalism, from world history to local culture, from economics to music, from science fiction to mural art, his sources of inspiration are as vast as they are varied. Her fascination with diversity, equality and Canadian culture is reflected in her work, where each piece tells a unique and captivating story.

    Using a unique digital collage approach, Biesinger transcends boundaries between artistic disciplines, creating works that capture the imagination and stimulate the mind. His distinct visual vocabulary is characterized by unique flaws, eccentricities and geometries, reflecting his singular vision of the world around him.

    As a proud member of Illustration Quebec, Biesinger is committed to supporting and bringing together the illustrator community, sharing his passion and expertise with aspiring and established artists. His impact on the world of illustration is undeniable, and his influence continues to be felt through his captivating and inspiring works.