Umage Lounge Around Shuffle, ottomand se transformant en table à café selon vos besoins, en bois de chêne et tissu, sterling
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Umage Lounge Around Shuffle, ottomand se transformant en table à café selon vos besoins, en bois de chêne et tissu, sucre brun
Umage Lounge Around Shuffle, ottomand se transformant en table à café selon vos besoins, en bois de chêne et tissu, sable blanc
Umage Lounge Around Shuffle, ottomand se transformant en table à café selon vos besoins, en bois de chêne et tissu, ombre

Ottoman Lounge Around Shuffle


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Multifunctional ottoman for exceptional versatility

Nüspace is pleased to welcome the Lounge Around Shuffle ottoman to its Umage furniture collection, highlighting the importance of multifunctionality and flexibility. This new addition offers exceptional versatility, allowing the Lounge Around sofa to be extended into a stylish lounge chair. In addition, if you wish, it can be transformed into a practical coffee table, you just need to remove the cushion.

Adapts to personalize the space according to your needs

The Lounge Around Shuffle is available with a seat cushion, ensuring soft comfort to rest your feet or comfortably accommodate your guests when used as a beanbag. By removing the seat cushion, it transforms into a perfect table for your morning cup of coffee, an elegant vase for blooming flowers or simply a stack of your favorite magazines within easy reach. This adaptability is an exceptional feature that allows you to personalize the space according to your changing needs.

Timeless elegance blends harmoniously into various decors

The design of the Lounge Around Shuffle is inspired by Scandinavian design culture and Japanese lifestyle, combining aesthetics and functionality. By highlighting the simplicity of the natural material, this piece of furniture expresses a timeless elegance that fits harmoniously into different decors. Whether you're looking for a clean, minimalist feel or a warm, welcoming design, this ottoman fits your lifestyle perfectly and adds a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Do you like the design of Lounge Around? Find it as a 3-seater sofa , 1.5 sofa and day bed .

  • made of oak
  • 100% recycled fabric cushion
  • 4 color choices
  • can accompany the Lounge Around 1.5 , the sofa or the day bed .
Description Imperial Metric
Width 28.1" 71.4cm
Depth 28.1" 71.4cm
Height 15.9" 40.3cm
Weight 25.3 lbs 11.5kg
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  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
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Features of the Lounge Around Shuffle ottoman by Umage

Lounge Around

by Umage
Lounge Around
Modular sofa

"Thanks to its small size and multi-functionality, Lounge Around fits perfectly into all kinds of living rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms, whether they are large or small." - Søren Ravn Christensen, designer and co-founder of UMAGE

Lounge Around par Umage est un sofa multifonctionnel et flexible conçu pour être la pièce maîtresse de votre salon.
Lounge Around
A stretching family

Lounge can go from small to very large. It's up to you to modulate it according to the space you have in your living room. Add cushions, a wooden tray, a lamp, backrests or pockets with all the range of accessories Umage offers.

Lounge Around, sofa modulable, par Umage, dimensionsLounge Around, sofa modulable, par Umage, dimensions
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About Umage

Umage is a Danish word meaning "to make an effort," which is what the company wants to do every day. Umage is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high quality materials and a true concern for the environment.

Umage designs with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset because it reduces the number of products you need to purchase to get a complete set for your space.

À Umage, la compagnie combine l'esthétique, la simplicité et la fonctionnalité, et ajoute un savoir-faire réfléchi et une attention particulière à l'environnement.