Sélection Nüspace Riva, vase vert, en verre, petit
Vase Riva : Élégance Contemporaine en Vert - Élevez votre intérieur avec ce vase captivant en verre. Laissez votre créativité s&
Sélection Nüspace Riva, vase vert, en verre, grand

Vase Riva


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Contemporary aesthetics and visual symbiosis

Assert your style with confidence by incorporating this exceptional glass vase , displaying a bold green hue and a silhouette composed of multiple bulbs. The modern Riva vase is much more than a simple decorative object; it is designed to instantly elevate your interior to a new level of sophistication. Placed elegantly on a shelf or table, it becomes the focal point of attention, transforming any space into a captivating work.

Evocation of organic nature and creativity

The contemporary aesthetic of the Riva vase is magnified by its distinctive green color, which injects a dose of vitality into your environment. Its ingenious design, inspired by bohemian style, is manifested through its shape which evokes the organic nature of bulbs. This unique design allows the vase to serve as a backdrop to your favorite floral arrangements or pampas grass arrangements, creating a visual symbiosis between natural beauty and creative artifice.

Adaptability to tastes and personal expression

In addition to its visually striking aesthetic, the Riva vase embodies a true artistic piece that transcends the simple functionality of a conventional vase. It is a call for individuality and personal expression through interior design. Whether you're looking for a modern, refined touch or aspire to a more relaxed, bohemian vibe, this vase adapts and complements your tastes brilliantly.

  • stained glass vase
Description Imperial Metric
Diameter 6" 15.2cm
Height 8" 20.3cm
Diameter 5.75" 14.6cm
Height 9.5" 24.1cm
  • Use a damp cloth to clean.
  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
  • To remove traces of limescale from glass, fill the vase with white vinegar. For more stubborn stains, rub it with a mixture of salad oil and white vinegar in equal proportions.
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Characteristics of the Riva vase