Luckies Solitaire, jeu en bois composéd&
Plongez dans une expérience de solitaire captivante avec le jeu en bois par Luckies. Élégance tactile, authenticité rustique, et défis mentaux stimulants.

Solitaire Game


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Stimulating tactile and reflective experience

This is the classic wooden solitaire game, not cards, but an exciting version designed by Luckies. This version of solitaire offers a tactile, thoughtful gaming experience that is both challenging and relaxing.

Authentic natural wood game board

The set includes 33 black glass marbles, each with an elegant, lustrous presence. The wooden storage box, which also serves as a game board, adds a touch of rustic authenticity to the set. This natural wood board contrasts beautifully with the black glass marbles, creating a visually appealing game.

Mental exercise in concentration and strategy

Solitaire is more than just a hobby. It's a mental exercise that requires concentration, patience and strategy. With the included puzzle guide, you can learn the rules of the game and solving strategies. Additionally, the solutions are also provided, which is useful for those times when you are looking for a helping hand or to check your solution after finishing the game.

Perfect for waiting times and long journeys

A particularly nice feature of this solitaire game is its portability. With its wooden storage box, it is perfect for traveling. You'll never be bored again on a long-haul flight or waiting at the airport. You can pass the time pleasantly while exercising your mind.

  • made of wood and glass ball
  • single person game
  • puzzle guide included
Description Imperial Metric
Length 5.5" 14cm
Width 5.5" 14cm
Height 1" 2.7cm
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Solitaire Game Features by Luckies