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Explorez la poupée Kokeshi Amy, une création exquise de Becky Kemp pour Lucie Kaas. Elle capture l&

Amy figurine


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Exquisite tribute to legendary British singer Amy Winehouse

The Kokeshi Amy doll is a true work of art in superba schima wood. Created with passion by Becky Kemp for Lucie Kaas , this doll embodies the unforgettable memory and legacy of the talented artist. At the age of 27, a tragically symbolic age in the life of Amy Winehouse, she continues to inspire generations of music lovers and admirers around the world.

Meticulous details that capture the essence of Amy Winehouse

The first thing that strikes you when looking at the Kokeshi Amy doll is the impressive precision with which Amy Winehouse's face has been captured. The famous beehive hairstyle, an indelible imprint of her unique personal style, is faithfully reproduced in painstaking detail. The black eyeliner, which has become her trademark, frames her eyes, giving them a striking intensity. The doll also wears a dress that evokes the casual elegance of Amy Winehouse, adding a touch of grace to her well-defined character.

Velvet voice and exceptional musical heritage

When examining this Kokeshi doll, it is impossible not to evoke the singer's velvet voice, a raw and deeply moving jazz-soul voice. Amy Winehouse was an exceptional performer, capable of conveying an incredible range of emotions through her music. Her passion and talent were recognized by the music industry when she won five Grammy Awards in a single night, a feat unmatched to date. This extraordinary performance is an essential part of her legacy, and the Kokeshi Amy doll honors her with touching accuracy.

Iconic and rebellious, the spirit of Amy in a wooden doll

Amy Winehouse was more than just a singer. She was an icon, an artist who broke musical boundaries and left an indelible mark on music history. The Kokeshi Amy doll captures not only her distinctive appearance, but also the rebellious and authentic spirit that made her one of the greatest British artists of all time. She continues to command admiration and respect, and this doll is an elegant way to continue her unforgettable musical legacy.

  • made from superba schima wood
Description Imperial Metric
Height 6.7" 17cm
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean.
  • Be careful not to expose the product to excessive humidity, heat or direct sunlight to prevent cracking or peeling of the paint.
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Découvrez Lucie Kaas, l'entreprise de design danoise au rayonnement mondial. Leur collection de poupées et figurines en bois incarne l'authenticité et l'art du design, attirant l'attention des amateurs du monde entierDécouvrez Lucie Kaas, l'entreprise de design danoise au rayonnement mondial. Leur collection de poupées et figurines en bois incarne l'authenticité et l'art du design, attirant l'attention des amateurs du monde entier

Kokeshi doll

by Lucie Kaas
Lucie Kaas
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Lucie Kaas' versatile and cosmopolitan approach stems from the deep belief that inspiration can spring from any source, whether fashion, music, art, pop culture or interior design. Lucie Kaas has established successful partnerships with designers, brands and celebrities who share their values, creating a diverse community of creators who share a common vision.

Lucie Kaas
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The Kokeshi doll collection is its most iconic. These captivating creations have captured the hearts of design enthusiasts around the world, including at Nüspace. Each doll is the result of meticulous attention to detail and a quest for authenticity. The wood used gives a natural warmth to these pieces, uniquely highlighting the shapes and characters of each creation.

About Lucie Kaas

Lucie Kaas, established in 2010 by creative duo Esben and Ellora Rasmussen in Copenhagen, perfectly illustrates that geography does not necessarily determine a brand's identity. Despite being based in Denmark, this design company has transcended physical boundaries to become a global entity. For them, design is not limited to aesthetics, but represents a means of communication, information and influence on our choices and decisions.