Sélection Nüspace Linear, tapis composé de lignes et de formes géométriques, en viscose et laine, gris
Le tapis Linear, une pièce qui porte bien son nom grâce à ses motifs géométriques composés de lignes nettes et précises qui parcourent toute sa surface.

Linear rug


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The Linear rug, a piece that lives up to its name thanks to its geometric patterns made up of clean, precise lines that run across its entire surface. This rug not only brings a touch of style to your space, but it also provides soft comfort under your feet.

The lines that run the length of the rug and the geometric shapes created by perpendicular lines give the Linear rug a modern and contemporary aesthetic. These patterns bring a graphic dimension to your room, creating a visual focal point.

Beyond its visual aspect, this mat offers a pleasant tactile experience. Your feet will love stepping on its soft and comfortable surface, making it an ideal choice for spaces where you walk barefoot or for lounging areas.

The Linear rug is a versatile piece that can be installed in different rooms of your home, whether in the living room, the bedroom, or even in an office. Its modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your entire decor.

  • made of wool and viscose
  • 5ʼx8ʼ:
    • length: 8ʼ / 240 cm
    • width: 5ʼ / 150 cm
    • weight: 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
  • 8ʼx10ʼ:
    • length: 10ʼ / 300 cm
    • width: 8ʼ / 240 cm
    • weight: 26 lbs / 11.8 kg
  • For routine maintenance, use a low power vacuum without a beater brush and vacuum in different directions. Shedding of loose fibers is normal for this rug, but will diminish over time, with the greatest shedding expected in the first 3-6 months. If stained, blot quickly with a clean, undyed cloth, pressing firmly to absorb as much as possible. For stubborn stains, we recommend having the rug professionally cleaned.
  • To ensure optimal longevity of the rug, we strongly recommend the use of a rug pad. This provides excellent traction, prevents slipping, keeps your rug smooth and flat and protects against color transfer. For even surface wear, it is recommended that the rug and rug be rotated or repositioned every three months.
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