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Curve Appeal Canvas


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Dynamics between two captivating distinct forms

“The Curve Appeal” is a spellbinding series of textile canvases created by American artist Catherine Freshley. In this collection, Freshley explores the dynamics between two main forms, inviting the viewer to delve into a captivating visual dialogue. At the center of each canvas, two distinct entities capture the attention, each occupying its own space. On one side, a rounded shape gracefully emerges, evoking softness and feminine curves. On the other, a complementary shape, representing strength and structure, contrasts elegantly.

Transition, connection and separation between entities

Between these two shapes, a subtle line separates them. Like a border between two worlds, this line symbolizes transition, connection and separation at the same time. It creates a dynamic balance, reminiscent of the beach that separates the land from the sea.

Exploring the relationship between shapes and colors

“The Curve Appeal” comes in three variations, each offering a unique color palette but retaining the essence and deeper meaning of the work. Each variation is an exploration of the relationship between shapes and colors, inviting the viewer into personal reflection on the beauty and complexity of art.

Embrace the magic of artistic expression

“The Curve Appeal” is more than just a work of art; it is an invitation to explore the nuances of perception, to embrace the diversity of shapes and colors, and to let yourself be carried away by the magic of artistic expression.

  • textile canvas
  • artist: Catherine Freshley
  • made in the USA
Description Imperial Metric
Width 20" 50.8cm
Height 25" 63.5cm
  • Use a dry cloth without pressing.
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