Fatboy Concrete Seat, tabouret d’extérieur et d’intérieur, en polyéthylène, noir recyclé
Concrete Seat de Fatboy est un siège pouvant être utilisé à l&
Concrete Seat de Fatboy est un siège pouvant être utilisé à l&
Concrete Seat de Fatboy est un siège pouvant être utilisé à l&
Fatboy Concrete Seat
Fatboy Concrete Seat
Fatboy Concrete Seat, dimensions
Concrete Seat stool
Fatboy Concrete Seat, tabouret d’extérieur et d’intérieur, en polyéthylène, gris clair
Fatboy Concrete Seat, tabouret d’extérieur et d’intérieur, en polyéthylène, blanc
Concrete Seat stool
Concrete Seat stool

Concrete Seat stool


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Versatile stool inspired by concrete building blocks

Discover the Concrete by Fatboy: a versatile stool inspired by concrete building blocks. Although it bears the name "Concrete", this iconic stool is actually a lightweight that offers you a multitude of uses.

Use indoors and outdoors

Inspired by concrete building blocks commonly found in parks, streets and playgrounds, Fatboy Concrete brings a playful and functional touch to your space. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering great flexibility of use.

Solid and stable shape

As a stool, the Concrete is perfect for reaching tall objects or for sitting comfortably. Its strong and stable shape makes it an ideal choice as a practical step ladder in the kitchen, bathroom or garage.

Stable surface to keep your items within reach

Additionally, the Concrete can also serve as a functional side table. Whether to place your cup of coffee, your favorite book or your smartphone, this versatile stool offers you a stable and practical surface to keep your objects within reach.

Creative platform for displaying decorative items

But that's not all ! Concrete can also be used as a creative platform to give extra height to your decorative items or to create interesting visual compositions. Let your imagination run wild and use it as a base to display plants, sculptures or other decorative elements.

  • assemble several Concrete Seats to create a bench or island
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • made of polyethylene
  • can support a maximum weight of 150 kg
  • can be filled with water or sand to make it heavier
  • pair it with Concrete Pillow which is available in different colors.
Description Imperial Metric
Length 19.8" 48cm
Width 15.8" 38cm
Height 17" 43cm
Weight 12 lbs 5.4kg
  • Easy cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap.
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Characteristics of Fatboy indoor beanbags

Design with a smile

by Fatboy
An international fame

It all started with this beanbag: the Original. Thanks to its creation and its strong success, Fatboy was able to make a name for itself outside the borders of the Netherlands. The idea was to create an object to replace the traditional chair with ultimate comfort. This pouf is the key to your well-being and has already made the well-being of millions of people.

Le mobilier et les accessoires Fatboy apporte de la bonne humeur partout où ils sont utilisés. Des matériaux durables et plaisants au toucher, les couleurs vives qui illumineront vos intérieurs et extérieurs, et leurs fonctionnements des plus simplifiés
Joy for life

Fatboy furniture and accessories bring good cheer wherever they are used. Durable materials that are pleasant to the touch, the bright colors that will illuminate your interiors and exteriors, and their most simplified operations. The Fatboy team knows what it is doing: joining the useful with the pleasant.

About Fatboy

The company creates new objects for your home and garden with the philosophy of transforming the classics of the past by giving them a more modern image and with a quirky twist.

La compagnie crée de nouveaux objets pour votre maison et votre jardin avec comme philosophie de transformer les classiques du passé en leur redonnant une image plus moderne et avec une touche décalée.