black+blum Tasse de voyage, tasse transportable, océan
Glass Travel Cup

Glass Travel Cup


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Easy cleaning with quick disassembly design

The market's first fully leak-proof glass travel tumbler, designed by black+blum , revolutionizes the on-the-go drinking experience. Every detail of this tumbler demonstrates meticulous design and commitment to quality. The uniquely designed cover stands out for its ability to be easily disassembled and reassembled, facilitating quick and thorough cleaning. This feature guarantees impeccable hygiene and allows you to enjoy every sip without worry.

Protection against breakage, comfortable grip and thermal insulation

The silicone sleeve adds to the practicality and safety of the cup. Not only does it protect the interior glass from possible breakage, but it also provides a comfortable grip. Additionally, it acts as a thermal insulator, ensuring your hands remain protected from the hot contents of the travel mug.

Taste neutrality, sustainability and commitment to long-term quality

Hand-blown borosilicate glass is the optimal choice for a beverage container. Completely neutral in terms of taste, it ensures that your drink retains its original aroma without any alteration. The durability and quality of borosilicate glass demonstrates the commitment to a product that is designed to last a lifetime.

Direct flow minimizing the risk of burns

The spout of this travel tumbler offers a "straight flow", minimizing the risk of burns when enjoying hot drinks. This innovative feature sets this cup apart from other options on the market, highlighting the careful attention to user safety and comfort.

  • 100% waterproof
  • lockable
  • one-handed opening and closing
  • hand-blown borosilicate glass, durable and lightweight
  • fits bicycle bottle holders and car cup holders
  • BPA, BPS and BPF free
Description Imperial Metric
Diameter 2.8" 7.2cm
Height 6.5" 16.5cm
Weight 0.78 lbs 355g
Ability 12oz 340ml
  • Do not use cleaners containing chlorine or bleach, abrasive cloths or scrub brushes on the product, as the finish will dull.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Goes in the freezer.
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Features of the glass travel mug by black+blum
Les boites à lunch de black+blum ont été pensées et fabriquées de façon à être durable et à n'avoir quasiment aucun impact sur l'environnement. Elles sont utiles, faciles à nettoyer et à utiliser.Les boites à lunch de black+blum ont été pensées et fabriquées de façon à être durable et à n'avoir quasiment aucun impact sur l'environnement. Elles sont utiles, faciles à nettoyer et à utiliser.

Buy once Buy well

by black+blum
lunch box et bouteille par black+blumlunch box et bouteille par black+blum

Buy once Buy well

by black+blum
More than useful

black+blum products have only advantages. They are created to be useful and functional. Like lunch boxes, they are usually composed of several compartments allowing you to separate food, that the cold does not come to cool the hot and vice versa.

Carrying without worrying

All black+blum lunch boxes, bottles and or bags are designed to be ultra-strong and easily transportable. The products are designed and thought out so that nothing can escape from the containers.

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black+blum Tasse de voyage, tasse transportable, océan
Glass Travel Cup
Glass Travel Cup

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About black+blum

Dan Black, who has led the black+blum design team for more than 20 years, has a primary focus on creating functional, innovative, and most importantly, sustainable lunch boxes or bottles. black+blum boasts that it is one of the companies that fights for a better future with very minimal impact on the environment.

black+blum peut se vanter de faire partie des compagnies qui lutte pour un avenir meilleur, en ayant un impact très minime sur l'environnement.