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Prehistoric animal figurine
Vous aimez l’histoire ? Alors ce mammouth de décoration en bois est fait pour vous. Les fameux mammouth qui vivaient sur Terre il y a des milliers d’années sont les icônes de cette époque très lointaine.
Prehistoric animal figurine

Prehistoric animal figurine


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If you are passionate about history and fascinated by the living beings that populated our planet before our era, then these decorative wooden objects will arouse your interest. They pay homage to iconic creatures from that distant era, including the famous mammoth and the majestic giant stag.

These unique pieces capture the essence of these animals that lived thousands of years ago. Carefully carved from quality wood, they represent icons in the history of our planet. Every detail is painstakingly crafted to reflect the grandeur and beauty of these vanished beings.

The mammoth, with its towering, forward-curving tusks, was a majestic creature that roamed the frozen lands of the Ice Age. Its image evokes a time when nature was dominated by impressive animals.

These wooden decorative objects are much more than simple ornaments. They are tangible reminders of our past, testimonies of the diversity and beauty of living things that have existed before us. They evoke a time when the Earth was inhabited by extraordinary creatures that shaped our history and our environment.

  • beech and walnut wood animals
  • reproduction not affiliated with official manufacturer or current designer
  • Width: 7.5" / 19cm
  • Use a damp cloth.
  • Before using a soapy product to clean, always test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
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