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Pablo Designs Circa
Pablo Designs Circa
Pablo Designs Circa
Pablo Designs Circa
Pablo Designs Circa
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Pablo Designs Circa



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Circa, seamless movement with warm, even light.

A revolutionary design for this outer space styled pendant lamp. A new vision of light that blurs the frontier between utilitarian work lamp and traditional lampshade. Circa is a flat disk LED pendant lamp that pivots 360 degrees, allowing you to move it in an infinite number of positions to create a multitude of visual effects.

The brightness is controlled by touch and offers three levels of intensity. The Circa table lamp is also equipped with a USB port for cellphone users. Redefine lighting, an easily achieved mandate by Pablo Designs.


  • Diameter: 12" / 30 cm
  • Height: 14" / 35 cm
  • Rope lenght: 8" / 244 cm
  • Switch: yes
  • Dimmer: yes
  • Lightbulb: DEL - 120V-240V - 60HZ - 550 Lumens
  • Material: aluminum, polycarbonate
  • Designer: Pablo Studio

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