The Puzz

    The Puzz embodies the spirit of fun with family and friends through the creation of unique puzzles designed to be assembled, shared and exchanged. With a marked preference for vintage references from the 60s, 70s and 80s, this company brings a touch of offbeat humor to its creations, making each puzzle as entertaining to assemble as to contemplate.

    Puzz puzzles aren't just visual challenges; they're also playful homages to the retro aesthetic of old puzzle boxes, with illustrations full of character and charm. The unusual shapes and offset copies add an extra dimension to the puzzle experience, providing hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

    For Le Puzz, nothing matches the feeling of satisfaction experienced by completing a puzzle and admiring the end result. They enjoy the moment when each piece fits together perfectly, creating a complete, cohesive picture, and the ultimate challenge of successfully lifting the puzzle into one piece when completed.

    In addition to their commitment to fun and innovation, Le Puzz places great importance on environmental sustainability. They strive to limit the use of plastic in the production and distribution of their puzzles, favoring FSC-approved paper sources to ensure that each puzzle comes from responsibly managed forests.