Candylab Toys is a young toy company based in Brooklyn, USA, that creates a unique line of solid wood vehicles.

America in the spotlight

The United States has strongly inspired the designers of Candylab Toys. They are inspired by all the icons of the American culture of the 20th century.

This helped them to design vans, race cars, New York cabs or even the iconic yellow school buses.

But it's not only cars that make us think of America. The food too with the expansion of fast food. Candylab thought of this and made a whole range of fast food.

The choice of wood

Candylab Toys aimed to be different from the rest. At a time when many manufacturers use plastic and its derivatives, the California-based company chose wood as its raw material. This makes it more authentic.

Their toys are honest, beautiful and leave plenty of room for kids' imaginations to create their own stories or recreate car chases from famous movies.