Adama Alma, tapis de vinyleAdama Alma, tapis de vinyle

Adama Alma

Vinyl rug for interiors

Clocks don't just tell the time. Whether it's the big wall clock in the dining room or the alarm clock on the nightstand, they accentuate your style. Nüspace offers a great selection of unique clocks, ranging from British brands Newgate and Space Hotel to classic 1950s Design.


People who love Newgate clocks are those interested in architecture, fashion, lifestyle and interiors, just like Newgate's founders and designers, Jim and Chloe Read.

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Space Hotel

Space Hotel is the new brand of clocks from Newgate designers. All Space Hotel clocks are designed in Britain and include silent movements or LED or LCD displays.

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In our spaces, it's sometimes the most insignificant objects that say the most about us. Nüspace offers a selection of interior accessories that will undoubtedly bring personality to any room, whether they are purely decorative or also have a utilitarian function.

Dare to decorate

While most decorative items serve only a decorative purpose, they bring personality and warmth to your spaces. They are details that show who we are and what we like. Without decorative objects an interior would be empty and neutral.

On the lookout for trends

Are you on the lookout for the latest trends? So is Nüspace! All our decorative accessories make a space, a room your home, in which you feel good. Accessories that make us smile when we walk by.