Torre & Tagus

    Since its founding in 1993 by Tim Kroetsch and Cesar Gomes, Torre & Tagus has been committed to providing unique, high-quality products that capture imaginations and enrich living spaces around the world.

    Torre & Tagus has become a sought-after global brand for its contemporary product lines that combine functionality and style. Their success is based on strong relationships with their retail partners, as well as their ability to source beautiful decor and accessories from around the world.

    At the heart of Torre & Tagus' identity are simple, clean designs that reflect the modern world. These creations warmly welcome friends and family, enriching each space with personal, contemporary style.

    Torre & Tagus products don’t just please visually; they also provide essential functionality to daily life. Each object is carefully designed to combine aesthetic beauty and practical utility, creating an enriching and harmonious experience.