Holiday season and of course, gifts!

What a wonderful time this end of 2022 is.

Beautiful moments await us. Moments with friends, moments with family then sharing a cup and a good meal. And then do it all over again the next day. We all love these moments of happiness but without the gifts or the little touches, there is something missing from the holiday spirit. No worries, we're here to help you with your choices.

At Nüspace, you can find a whole range of games to offer to relax and have fun together. Some prefer to think or others activate the competition mode and beat their opponents. Nüspace has what you need.

Selection for each family member

For grandma

For grandpa

For mom

For dad

For younger brothers and sisters

For older brothers and sisters


Ultra-comfortable bean bags for the whole family


Ultra-comfortable bean bags for the whole family

Small and large toy cars


Candylab is small wooden cars and accessories representing the most mythical vehicles that have driven on American roads. Children will unleash their imagination and create a unique world.



Playforever is a British company that makes small racing cars specifically designed to take on any challenge toddlers choose. One thing is for sure, only speed counts.



With Baghera, cars and the road will hold no secrets for children. They will quickly become seasoned drivers challenging anyone who dares to stand in their way.


The candles

Want to set the mood? Our selection of candles is made to answer that question.

Once lit, Citadines, Esser, Scent of Copenhagen and Têtes Brulées candles will give off woody, floral or fruity scents.

The Ontwerpduo and Lex Pott candles have no particular scent and will serve as a decorative object for whoever receives this gift.

As for the CandleHand candles, they will clearly be the object you use to send a message.