Plongez dans une ambiance italienne chaleureuse avec la bougie Penne de Nata Concept Store. Une touche ludique et réconfortante inspirée des délices de la cuisine transalpine.
Transformez votre espace en une véritable fiesta italienne avec la bougie Penne de Nata Concept Store. Son parfum envoûtant et sa lueur chaleureuse créent une atmosphère propice à la détente et à la convivialité.
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Illuminez vos soirées avec la bougie Penne de Nata Concept Store, une création ludique et réconfortante qui évoque l&

Penne Candle


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Italian inspiration and playful touch

In the warm glow of a winter evening, the Penne candle from Nata Concept Store brings a playful and comforting touch to your space. Inspired by the delights of Italian cuisine, this ingenious creation promises a sensory experience that is as delicious as it is surprising.

Practical and decorative

Penne, a tube-shaped pasta, takes its name from the Italian word for “pen.” And like a magic pen, this candle evokes the art of Italian gastronomy with a touch of fantasy. Its harmonious dimensions make it an object as practical as it is decorative, perfect for illuminating your evenings.

Softness and friendliness in the atmosphere

When the flame dances gently on the surface of this wax candle, it gradually releases a captivating fragrance, blending exquisite notes of jasmine, neroli and orange blossom. A delicate fragrance that fills the room with a soft and soothing atmosphere, inviting relaxation and conviviality.

Invitation to relaxation and conviviality

Light the Penne candle and let yourself be transported by its irresistible charm. In an instant, it transforms any moment into a real impromptu Italian fiesta, where the warmth of the light mixes with the flavor of the pasta and the conviviality of the meetings.

  • made of wax and cotton wick
  • scented candle with jasmine, neroli and orange blossom
  • burning time approximately 30 minutes
Description Imperial Metric
Length 4.7" 12cm
Width 1.6" 4cm
Height 1.4" 3.5cm
  • Spills during combustion. Please burn on a non-hot surface, ideally on a plate.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets and keep it away from flammable materials.
  • Always leave a distance of at least 10 cm between lit candles.
  • Let it cool before relighting the candle.
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Characteristics of Nata Concept Store candles

Trompe l'oeil candles

by Nata Concept Store

Trompe l'oeil candles

by Nata Concept Store
Nata Concept Store
Culinary creativity

Nata Concept Store transcends the simple store: it is the work of Anna and Tatiana, two enthusiasts who have transformed their love for gastronomy into a unique sensory experience. Their innovative idea is to fashion candles inspired by your favorite foods, thus giving your interior the irresistible appeal of the kitchen.

Nata Concept Store
Homage to the planet

Each candle, meticulously crafted in their London workshop, reveals Anna and Tatiana's meticulous attention, using exclusively ecological and vegan ingredients for a distinctive olfactory experience while preserving the environment. When lit, a Nata Concept Store candle transports you into a world of flavors and memories.