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Hibi, allumettes encens, arbre à thé
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Hibi Incense


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Unique sensory experience, calming of the mind and inner balance

Hibi incense matches are a true celebration of the traditional art of Japanese incense, elevating this age-old practice to new olfactory heights. These delicious scents offer a unique sensory experience, helping to soothe the mind and regain inner balance.

Slow combustion and soothing plant aromas

Each box of Hibi contains eight sticks of exceptional quality incense, the result of the fusion between incense from the island of Awaji and matches from Harima. This harmonious marriage gives birth to an innovative creation, where each stick of incense takes the shape of a match. Lighting, similar to that of an ordinary match, triggers the diffusion of exquisite fragrances which perfume the air for up to 10 minutes.

A Contemplative and Relaxing Experience

The slow, deliberate burning of these incense sticks provides a contemplative experience, inviting meditation and relaxation. Carefully selected plant aromas bring a note of nature to your environment, creating a soothing and harmonious atmosphere.

  • combustion lasting up to 10 minutes
  • 8 incense sticks
Description Imperial Metric
Length 2.25" 5.7cm
Width 2.2" 5.6cm
Height 0.35" 0.9cm
  • Once lit, place the incense stick on the mat provided in the box.
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Characteristics of Hibi incense matches