Umage Aluvia perle / mini
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia
Umage Aluvia laiton brossé / mini
Umage Aluvia anthracite / mini
Umage Aluvia forêt / mini
Umage Aluvia pétrole / mini
Umage Aluvia ruby / mini
Umage Aluvia safran / mini
Umage Aluvia anthracite / medium
Umage Aluvia forêt / medium
Umage Aluvia pétrole / medium
Umage Aluvia ruby / medium
Umage Aluvia laiton brossé / medium
Umage Aluvia safran / medium
Umage Aluvia perle / medium



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From the depths of the oceans, to the bustling city, passing through the enchanting forests, all in one eclectic product. With its characteristic leaves made from aluminium, Aluvia is lightweight and robust at the same time. Choose from eight carefully selected colours and two sizes to amplify the beauty of your interior design, making your home cosy, classic, refined.

  • Lampshade made of matte painted aluminum leaves
  • Several colors and sizes are available
  • Light
  • Mini:
    • Diameter: 15.7" / 38 cm
    • Height: 15.7" / 38 cm
    • Weight: 1.5 lbs" / 0.7 kg
  • Medium:
    • Diameter: 23.3" / 58.5 cm
    • Height: 23.3" / 58.5 cm
    • Weight: 4.4 lbs" / 2 kg
  • Use a cloth with warm water
  • Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.
  • Create your lamp with the following Umage accessories: Santé (table, floor), Canopy, Swag Kit or Tripod (base, floor, table), must be purchased separately.
  • Assembly is required. You can follow the instructions included in the box, or click here to download the user guide.
  • Online, in-store pickup available at checkout.
  • In-stock item(s) shipped within 1 to 5 business days.
  • For special order products, the delivery time depends on the availability of the supplier.


by Umage
A touch of originality

"Imagine if flowers could light up. Elles créeraient les ombres dansantes les plus ludiques, tournant sur elles-mêmes et donnant vie à tout ! This is exactly what Aluvia is all about: the magic of nature in your home.". - Søren Ravn Christensen, designer and co-founder of UMAGE

Aluvia, abat-jour colorés en aluminium à monter par Umage
Aluvia, abat-jour colorés en aluminium à monter par Umage
A lampshade for every atmosphere

Aluvia easily adapts to all types of supports and can become a hanging, standing or table lamp in a flash. Enough to give you a multitude of decor and the ability to change whenever you want.

Aluvia, abat-jour colorés en aluminium à monter par UmageAluvia, abat-jour colorés en aluminium à monter par Umage
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About Umage

Umage is a Danish word meaning "to make an effort," which is what the company wants to do every day. Umage is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high quality materials and a true concern for the environment.

Umage designs with more than one function in mind is a sustainable mindset because it reduces the number of products you need to purchase to get a complete set for your space.

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