Plongez dans le charme rétro avec le réveil tubulaire Pil de Newgate, offrant un mariage parfait entre style vintage et fonctionnalités modernes. Noir.
Réveillez-vous avec élégance grâce au réveil Pil de Newgate, un accessoire rétro-chic pour votre table de chevet ou votre bureau.
Le réveil tubulaire Pil de Newgate offre style et utilité avec son affichage LED et ses fonctionnalités avancées, pour un réveil en douceur chaque matin. Blanc.
Ajoutez une touche de nostalgie à votre routine matinale avec le réveil Pil de Newgate, doté d&

Pil alarm clock


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Retro tubular alarm clock with LED screen

The Pil Retro Tubular Alarm Clock from Newgate is a seamless fusion of retro style and modern functionality. With its unique design and LED screen, it is a perfect accessory for your bedside table or desk.

Digital alarm, snooze function and temperature display

This Pil alarm clock offers a 12 or 24 hour time display, a digital alarm, a snooze function and even a temperature display, allowing you to stay informed as soon as you wake up. Its LED screen, although less bright when running on batteries, lights up easily when you press the button on the top. If you prefer maximum brightness, you can also plug it in via the included USB cable.

Retro style and modern features for a successful morning routine

With its retro tubular design, the Pil alarm clock brings a touch of vintage charm to your space while providing the modern features you need to start your day off right.

  • acrylic housing and LCD screen
  • alarm and snooze function
  • USB power cable included.
  • 1 x AA battery not included
Description Imperial Metric
Width 6.9" 17.5cm
Depth 3.3" 8.5cm
Height 3.5" 9cm
  • Clean only with a soft, dry cloth, do not use water or cleaning agents as they may damage the finish or function.
  • It is very important that your alarm clock remains dry at all times, which includes not exposing it to damp walls, damp rooms, humidity, etc.
  • Excessively cold and too hot environments should be avoided, as should exposing the clock to too strong sunlight.
  • Keep the alarm clock away from dust to ensure the movement is in good condition.
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Features of Newgate alarm clocks
Horloges murales par NewgateHorloges murales par Newgate

The art of being on time

Horloges murales par NewgateHorloges murales par Newgate

The art of being on time

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Newgate takes inspiration from 19th and 20th century clocks to create new ones with a modern twist. Round, square, rectangular or star-shaped, you're sure to find a Newgate clock to suit your taste.

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About Newgate

The name comes from the former New Gate Toll, adjacent to the founders' apartment Read in Oswestry when the English company was founded in 1991. By chance, they bought some quartz clock movements, which they adapted to the dials they had painted. That's how the idea of selling clocks came about. Today, Newgate is a group that has diversified and offers clocks, alarm clocks, watches and sunglasses.

Le nom vient de l'ancien New Gate Toll, adjacent à l'appartement des fondateurs Read à Oswestry lors de la création de la compagnie anglaise en 1991.