Fatboy The Bonbaron Sherpa, pouf confortable d’intérieur en forme de fauteuil, en polyester, cidre
The Bonbaron Sherpa de Fatboy est un fauteuil, qui donne l’impression d’être assis sur un nuage majestueux. Le tissu doux comme une peluche souligne le caractère câlin de ce siège.
Le BonBaron Sherpa révèle immédiatement une signature typique de Fatboy. Conçu avec le sourire, il se traduit en un siège audacieux qui invite à la détente. Cette grande chaise moelleuse est spécialement conçue pour vous apporter le plus grand confort.
Fatboy The Bonbaron Sherpa, pouf confortable d’intérieur en forme de fauteuil, en polyester, écru
Fatboy Fauteuil The Bonbaron Sherpa
Fatboy Fauteuil The Bonbaron Sherpa
Fatboy Fauteuil The Bonbaron Sherpa
Fatboy Fauteuil The Bonbaron Sherpa

The Bonbaron Sherpa chair


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Nothing more loud and pompous than a real baron. What kind does the BonBaron Sherpa look like? A kind of chair, that feels like you're sitting on a majestic cloud. The plush-soft fabric emphasizes the cuddly nature of this chair.

The BonBaron immediately reveals a typical Fatboy signature. Designed with a smile, it translates into a bold seat that invites relaxation. This large, plush chair is specifically designed to provide the utmost comfort. The BonBaron Sherpa offers a whole new experience. Just imagine falling into a giant fluffy marshmallow - but without the stickiness.

  • Indoor use only.
  • 100% Sherpa cover.
  • Repels water and dirt.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • Width: 39" / 100 cm
  • Depth: 43" / 110 cm
  • Height: 28" / 72 cm
  • Seated: 18" / 45.7 cm
  • Weight: 38.6 lbs / 17.5 kg
  • For daily cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth or soap and water. Wash the cover at 40°C. Wash inside out.
  • Do not stitch with sharp objects, this may tear the fabric.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the fabric and cause discoloration of your product.
  • Product colors may vary slightly from those displayed on your screen.
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    Design with a smile

    by Fatboy
    An international fame

    It all started with this beanbag: the Original. Thanks to its creation and its strong success, Fatboy was able to make a name for itself outside the borders of the Netherlands. The idea was to create an object to replace the traditional chair with ultimate comfort. This pouf is the key to your well-being and has already made the well-being of millions of people.

    Le mobilier et les accessoires Fatboy apporte de la bonne humeur partout où ils sont utilisés. Des matériaux durables et plaisants au toucher, les couleurs vives qui illumineront vos intérieurs et extérieurs, et leurs fonctionnements des plus simplifiés
    Joy for life

    Fatboy furniture and accessories bring good cheer wherever they are used. Durable materials that are pleasant to the touch, the bright colors that will illuminate your interiors and exteriors, and their most simplified operations. The Fatboy team knows what it is doing: joining the useful with the pleasant.

    About Fatboy

    The company creates new objects for your home and garden with the philosophy of transforming the classics of the past by giving them a more modern image and with a quirky twist.

    La compagnie crée de nouveaux objets pour votre maison et votre jardin avec comme philosophie de transformer les classiques du passé en leur redonnant une image plus moderne et avec une touche décalée.
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