Melt Office (Netherlands)

Melt, located in the Netherlands, recently enriched its workspace with a series of innovative and designer products from Fatboy, aiming to make it both functional and attractive. This initiative is part of Melt Office's approach to designing a workplace that is efficient, visually engaging and comfortable.

The integration of Fatboy's Attackle introduces a playful and imaginative dimension, transforming the desk with an original decorative element and an atypical seat that reflects the innovation and energy of Melt.

Added to this is the BonBaron, an armchair from Fatboy designed to offer comfort and flexibility. Its ergonomic shape ensures optimal well-being for prolonged sessions, making it a preferred choice for work and rest areas.

Melt also opted for Bakkes , a side table combined with a planter, merging functionality and greenery. This dual-use invention enriches space by allowing employees to add a personal touch of nature while benefiting from a practical surface.

The adoption of these Fatboy elements underlines the priority given by Melt to a working environment stimulating creativity, cooperation and comfort. The harmony created by the Attack, the BonBaron, as well as the Bakkes table and planter, enhances the aesthetics of the office and creates a dynamic, inspiring and pleasant atmosphere.

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Melt Office, Netherlands
Melt Office, Netherlands